I love finding new ways to decorate my bedroom, especially when it comes to making the decor myself. It infuses the room with a true sense of "home" and plus, it's way more fun than just buying decorations. This DIY is no exception. I was looking for a cute way to showcase all of my favorite pictures of the past few years that didn't require having to add another book to my already overcrowded shelf. So, using mostly materials that I had laying around -- and that you probably do too -- I made these DIY cork board picture collages to hang around the bedroom. While I only made two -- I wanted one to put above each door -- I think that making multiple smaller ones to stick around the bedroom would add a nice and practical touch. Since its corkboard, it's lightweight and you can pin any notes, reminders or additional pictures onto it, which adds another layer of "home" to the area. Enjoy!


  • Cork board sheets
  • Cardboard
  • Pictures (printed via a home printer or using the ones available at your local drugstore)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun + Glue


  • Grab your cork board sheets, the glue gun, scissors and the cardboard. Make sure to decide beforehand the types of shapes you want to cut and paste around your room. I made the mistake of not thinking it through and ended up just keeping mine in their original rectangular form. (Don't worry it worked out in the end!) Use your scissors to cut the cork sheets and cardboard into the desired shapes. Now, using the cork sheet carving to trace out the exact same one on the cardboard, use the hot glue gun to glue both of them together.

  • The fun part begins! Now is the time to decide which pictures you want to print and paste around your bedroom. Depending on the effect and size that you want, you can either print out your photos using your own printer, or you can head to your local drugstore and use on of those old fashion ones. All you need to do is place them on a USB and voila! I chose the old fashioned route because a) they were guaranteed to be the same size b) they were all laminated and c) I haven't used on of those printing machines in ages.

  • And that's pretty much it! Decide how you want to arrange your photos and/or momentos and pin them/tape them onto the cork board, and then tape the whole thing onto your wall. I used tape to stick down the pictures so that I would be able to save my pushpins for pinning other quotes, or reminders later on.

  • Enjoy and make sure to let me know what you think below!


~Alexandra XO

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