It's well-known that water has a special, mystical power that compels us to build elaborate and simple innovations that allow us to cross it, surf it, and most importantly explore it. The ocean has a magnetic energy that has captivated my attention since I was little.



Maybe it's the feeling of being powerless against the powerful surge that is the push and pull of the ocean's tides. I makes you feel like you're stuck in a sort of gentle tug-of-war against the sea shore and whatever awaits you out in the vast ocean. 

Maybe it's all of the strange fish that live below its depths.

Maybe it's because it's the only force of nature that truly can't be tamed, no matter what we do. And so for eons it has offered a source of healing, intrigue and fear all at once.



I'm always faced with an overwhelming sense of awe when I go anywhere near the open water. In a matter of seconds, I morph from cautious 18-year-old to ecstatic and curious 8-year-old. I run to the shore eyes glinting, arms wide and feet burning from the sun roasted sand. I plunge my hand into the shore, enacting my own exploration mission; using my bucket like some sort of Nautilus as I search not 20,000 leagues under the sea, but probably about 20 centimetres below the surface.

The bottom line is that I've always admired all of the surprises that the water's depths hold in store. Sort of like a reverse Arielle, I've wanted to see the dark and unusual depths, while she has dreamed of experiencing the bright and equally strange world on the surface.




Finally, I got my chance in the form of an aquarium. Filled with mysterious kelp, fish, sharks, and other strange hydrophilic invertebrates, my family and I descended below the surface and into one of my most fervent childhood fantasies. Mouth agape, phone shutter ready and little sister in tow, it was quite an experience and one that I won't soon forget.



~Alexandra XO

What's your favourite place by the water's shore?