Yes, you read the title correctly. Yes, it is an animated show, but no, it is nowhere near being simply childish. It's a gripping, dynamic epic full of depth, delights, conflicting destinies and one powerful, kick butt heroine. It's stolen the heart, imagination, and attention of my family and I. In only a heartbreaking short 4 seasons, we are plunged into the world created by the vastly popular prequel, Avatar. No, not the James Cameron blue Naavi who live on a fictional faraway planet Pandora. It's the Avatar of an equally mythical land separated into four parts, the Fire Nation, Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom and Air Nomads. The Avatar? The world's savior who brings balance and peace, and who is the only individual to master the elemental powers from each part (Earth, Air, Water and Fire).

Introducing Korra, the newest Avatar, in a lengthy several hundred-year-old lineage who is ready to master her final element air and manages to take the world by storm. Cue the ensuing adventures, new revelations, new friends, which make up one amazing storyline that will take your breath away. Beautifully animated, and emotionally invigorating, here's what I've learned from The Legend of Korra.

1. Keep a cool head

It's easy to see that Korra is a bit of a hot-head. She gets inflamed (literally and figuratively) quite easily, which puts her in many uncomfortable situations. She's the perfect example of all the bad things that can happen when you rush into every situation. As the seasons wore on and she gradually matured, she became more level-headed and began to face her problems in a smart way instead of a forceful one.

2. Good friends are everything

They say that "a friend in need is a friend indeed" and Korra was certainly in need of a helping hand during each season. While she started off feeling out of place and alone, once she stumbled upon a good pair of friends she truly began to blossom. Not only did they form Team Avatar, but they stood by her and helped her defeat the most dangerous of adversaries.

3. Family is #1

As an Avatar, she went from zero to hero upon her arrival to the big city. After achieving celebrity status almost overnight, with the fans came the hecklers and "fakes" who only wanted to use her for their own nefarious plans. Luckily, for every person who wanted to use her abilities for bad, her family was there to either save her or steer her on the right path.

4. Follow your instincts 

The choice can be hard and lead you down an unknown path, but ultimately if you're doing it for all the right reasons, it's rewarding. A lesson that Korra learned throughout the entirety of the show as she faced bigger and bigger debacles, and had to start relying on her own intuition in order to save her loved ones (and the rest of the world).

5. Don't compare

Watching all her crime fighting and world saving made me wonder if I could survive doing half the things she does (yes, she's animated, but still). However, in the show, I noticed that despite her amazing abilities, no one ever compared their own to Korra's. They focused on what they could do and excelled at it. Korra on the other hand did compare her skills to those who had already mastered them, causing her a lot of frustration and impeding her learning. When she finally did stop comparing, she realized how awesome she truly was and was able to successfully move on with her mission.

“When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.” -Avatar Aang

~Alexandra XO