It's a new school and a new year, which calls for all new stuff to match my changing environment. Finally, after months of dreaming of having it done (but never having the time to do it), I had both the will, the way and the time to decorate my room. I've always had a special place in my heart for home decorating. Growing up, I loved watching home makeover shows and competitions, and I still love the home renovation segment of most talk shows. So, naturally after many years of watching decorating miracles unfold in the space of a half hour episode, I was under the false impression that my own project would be as easy, breezy and beautiful. It wasn't. But, it certainly was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about how to make it that way.

Be the (Wo)man with a plan

While we didn't have a clear cut plan of what we wanted painted, we did have an overall understanding of how we wanted everything to turn out. As we went along, our initial plan did change, but our outline served as a good backbone to direct the rest of the decor. However, if I were to do this again, I would have organized everything beforehand just so that everyone had something to do at the same time, and we could keep the whole process running smoothly.

Now or Never

In the words of the wise and musical East High basketball team in High School Musical 3, it's "now or never". While they were talking about winning the finals and I'm talking about room decor, we both mean the same thing. Take the time to get it done right, the first time. There's nothing worse than having to redo something you spent hours organizing. So, do it the best you can the first time around to avoid having to do lots of minor arrangements later on. What does that mean? You've got to prep. Trust me, I know. It's boring, it's lengthy but it's super important. Our painting project took us a few days -- and since we were learning the ropes as we went along --, the second day went a lot faster and smoother than the first. This is thanks to giving ourselves enough time to get the right tools (we were missing a few brushes), making the appropriate measurements, and taping the designated areas the night before.



Find somebody to lean on

Mr. Bill Withers once said, "Sometimes in our life we all have pain(t), we all have sorrow." While one obviously brings joy and the other sadness, they become akin when you don't "swallow your pride" and find "somebody to lean on". Seriously, depending on the magnitude of your decor project you'll want to call in some reinforcements. It makes it way more fun and saves lots of time and frustration.

My mom and I had no idea what kind of paint would work best for each room that we were repainting. After standing around scratching our heads for a bit, we finally asked a friendly paint store specialist who was more than willing to show us what we needed. Once we had bought the supplies, we called upon my uncle to help do the other jobs that we weren't as skilled at. In the end, it was a true team effort. And we were all rewarded with family-time, burritos and a brand spanking new coat of paint.

Take it slow

I've already talked about the virtues of taking a break. This task is no exception. Decorating -- and all the heavy hauling, painting and sweeping associated with it -- is downright exhausting. In fact, I'm still recovering from our decorating adventure. I almost went cross-eyed trying to measure an even line across my wall. I've unlocked new levels of arm strength after keeping my arms elevated as I tried to carefully paint one wall without touching the other. In the end, we were all absolutely bushed. The first day, we began painting late in the evening and finished at four in the morning. Tried as we might have to power through the fatigue and hunger, and paint all the doo-dah-day, our impatience and sleep-filled brains led to several mistakes that had to be fixed later on. So, take it slow, take breaks and make sure to have fun.

What do you want to decorate in your room?