As a self-designated night owl, I love to sleep in. I relish in getting as much sleep as possible. As a result, I sleep late and wake up even later. But as I begin university next year, I am determined to change my erroneous ways. They say that the early bird gets the worm, and I am prepared to catch as many worms as possible. I am determined to become a (shudder), morning person.

Carpe diem, a principal that is lauded everywhere and that is a popular choice for many motivational tattoos, but it usually doesn’t go any further than that. Becoming a morning allows you to seize the day, by starting it off right. Instead of leaping out of bed, rushing through breakfast and racing out the door, you can calmly take advantage of the time you have to yourself. According to Reader's Digest being a morning person has proven to make you more proactive, increase your levels of happiness, make you do better in school and improve other aspects your life.

While it’s still something that I have yet to master, I’m well on my way to making this a healthy habit a staple to my daily routine, and here’s how you can too.

1. Get in the right mindset

As George Harrison once said, “It’s all in the mind”, or in this case, “the mindset” of the person who is waking up. You can’t spend the previous night thinking about how horrible the next (early) morning will be, and expect to wake up with a smile. As Joyce Meyer explains, you can change your life with your thoughts, so ensure that the first thoughts of the day are happy ones.

2. Listen (to your alarm clock)

I doesn’t seem like it, but the alarm clock is your friend. Once you hear that dreaded ring, get ready to hop out of bed and hit the ground running. As comedian Kyle Dunnigan once said, “It’s like, I hate getting up in the morning, unless it’s over and over and over and over again – then I’m good“. A joke that pokes fun at the concept of the snooze button, but that sheds light on how pressing snooze is basically like pressing snooze on your life.

3. Prepare things the night before

Mornings are often characterized by a frantic search to find something to wear, to eat or to take. Instead, save time and stress, by setting aside all of the morning’s essentials the night before. For example, if you want to spend your early waking hours working out, place your cutest before and after workout outfits right by your bed, so you have no choice but to head out.

4. Set a goal

According to, goal setting is very important for it for it gives you “a vision of the future”, providing “meaningful motivation” and a “sense of purpose”. Whether your goal is to get an extra five pages of work done, or wake up five minutes earlier, it makes a difference.

5. Treat yourself

According to Real Simple magazine, you should “select something that means something to you”. Sort of like your early morning goal setting, give yourself a reward that you’ll look forward to earning (once you’ve followed the aforementioned steps).

Now, wake up bright and early and get ready to seize the day, for better health and ultimately a better you.

~Alexandra XO

What do you do to seize the day?