I am thrilled to share with you a product which has rocked my world, apricot oil. Light in smell and in viscosity, this is a pleasant looking oil which packs a heavy punch. Brimming with nutrients and full of hair growth and shine inducing properties, it's helped improve the softness of my hair drastically. According to stylecraze.com, apricot oil contains vitamin A, C, E and B17 and omega fatty acids, giving your skin and hair an extra boost of essential elements that are promote healthy hair and skin. Thankfully, a little goes a long way-- ensuring that you get a big bang for your buck. However, dependent on your hair texture (mine is definitely kinky) you can get away with using a litle bit more or less. Regardless, here are a few ways to incorporate it into your hair and skin care routine.

Before bed...

There's nothing like a nice head massage every once in a while. I like to kill two birds with one stone, and add a bit of apricot oil to my hands and massage it into my scalp. This helps to disperse the oil throughout my hair and scalp, while increasing blood circulation which boosts hair growth. I generally do this before bed because since my hair gets pretty dry, it soaks up the apricot oil overnight and I'm left with a soft head of hair.

Tip: Sleep with a cap or scarf, in order to keep the oil off of your pillow, because over time the buildup can cause you to breakout.   

After a shower... 

Thanks to the steam produced from the hot shower, your pores are more open and ready to absorb any moisture. So as soon as I hop out of the shower, I pat myself semi-dry, apply my regular moisturizer and rub in apricot oil to the really dry areas of my body. This combination results in really soft and well-moisturized skin.

During a shower... 

I love to use some of my favorite skin care oils in any way that I can. So, I add a little bit of the golden oil to my conditioner. Once rubbed in, I give it time to soak in for a few minutes as I comb through my hair. The oil-conditioner combo helps any tangles to slide right out, saving time and energy.

All day erryday...

The Canadian winter can suck the moisture (and the energy) right out of you. Using your favorite lotion as a base (I use Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer), add in 1/2 a teaspoon of apricot oil and 4 drops of rosehip oil. Close the lid, shake it up and voilĂ .

Tip: Your local Dollar Store, drugstore or convenience store should sell empty travel-sized plastic bottles that are perfect for concocting your own skin care products. 

~Alexandra XO

Do you use oils to keep your hair or skin healthy?

Psst... for more information on the benefits of apricot oil, head over to Style Craze , and for more facts on the benefits of apricots in general check out Jen Reviews for more info.