2016 is here people. And with it comes all of the joys that the new year brings. It's time to get moving and to start working towards your new year's resolutions. New year's resolutions. Sigh. A fun list (or visualization board) to make, but full of tasks which can be bit harder to execute. Fear not. We have 361 days to go and I've provided you with 6 blog posts from around the world wide web, which should help you to start 2016 off with a bang. Whether your goal is to learn a new language or learn a few more healthy habits, the posts below should serve as inspiration and/or guidance.

Life and Languages

How to Learn a New Language: 7 Secrets to Quickly Master a Foreign Language

My goal this year is definitely to add another language to my arsenal. If you're like me, then I think that these simple tips are will make you multilingual in no time.

How to Stay Organized

I love finding new ways to keep myself organized. The combination of the tips provided are sure to keep you on track to achieving your new year's resolutions.

Health and Self

How to Actually Keep Your New Years Resolutions

Detailed and easy to follow, these steps outlined gave me a new perspective on goal setting. Hint: It's just like (but maybe not as easy as) making a pie.

A College Girl's Guide to Success: Healthy Habits

While the post may explicitly state "college girl", the advice certainly isn't only for those who match that description. Whether it's finding time around your work schedule or your school schedule, after a quick read you'll be sure to start your day off on a good foot.

Entertainment and Eats

Lemon Biscotti Recipe

Whether you like to dip these in your coffee or munch on them when you're on the go, these lemon biscottis are sure to add an extra citrusy kick to your day.

Five Life Lessons from Full House

While we all love to say, "New Year, New Me", sometimes it takes some old-school lessons to put us on the right track. Full House, a show full of laughs, family feuds and mirth, also provides the most useful of lessons to get you motivated this new year.

~Alexandra XO

What do you like to do to start the year off right?

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