3 Bad Day Fixes (or Alexandra and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day) | Ms. Tiger Lilly

Once in a while, it happens. Like Miley, it comes in like a wrecking ball, ruining our plans and crumbling any semblance of order we had. A terrible, horrible no good very bad day. Whether it was caused by pulling an all-nighter, or by actually waking up on the wrong side of the bed, here are a few ways to get you out the door in a better mood.

What (or what not) to wear

That is the ultimate question. A dilemma that has confounded women (and men) since the dawn of time. If you live in Canada--the land of erratic weather patterns and poutine--then a bad day can be made even worse when you realize that the outfit that you had so carefully planned out according to the warm weather won't work for the cold, torrent of rain battering your windowpane.

Fear not dear friend, for the internet and all of its glorious innovations are here to help. I love using the website Daily Dress Me to get an idea of which outfits will work for my city's current climate. Tailored to every region, available for both sexes and chock-full of cute outfits, it helps to save time and avoid making a fashion faux-pas. Then there's Swackett. A great app that I used when I had an Android, full of little characters called Peeps who are all too happy to share their fashion wisdom and who are sure to put a pep in your step.

And if that doesn't work, throw on a little jewelry. It's a known (scientifically unproven) fact that a little bling makes everyone feel better.

Lean on me

By far the best cure for a bad day is being surrounded by loved ones. Text your friends, call your sister, email your grandpa and schedule a get-together or a chat session.Whether you need someone to vent your frustrations to, a shoulder to lean on, or a partner to kick a ball around with, don't be afraid to let your emotions loose. Your friends and family will help you to see things in a more positive way and shake you out of your funk. After all, that's what friends are for. 

PJs and PB&Js

While it's not very glamorous, sometimes alone time is the best remedy for a case of the blues. Schedule a day when you can stay home to take a much needed Me Day. This will give you something to look forward to, and the pending excitement is the perfect fuel to get you through a rough day. Light your scented candle, cuddle with your cat and munch on your favorite snack, whatever works for you. Treat yourself, and take a moment to unwind and reflect.


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