I'll admit it. I've caught the organization bug this month, which coincides perfectly with the new school year. So, I present to you a new addition to this back to school series, a DIY Life Planner. They are extremely useful to keep you on track when you have a hectic school schedule. It helps you to have all of your tasks outlined in one portable place. The best part about making a planner yourself, is that you can create as many segments as you need and customize it to your heart's content. In just four easy steps, you will be well on your way to masterfully navigating through the new year.

Step 1: The What

This is the most important step. You need to decide what you want the planner to do for you--after all, it is called a life planner. For example, I desperately needed a somewhere to keep all of my miscellaneous (yet important) sheets into one place--instead of all over my room. Therefore, I created five segments--Life, School, Blog, Recipes and Goals-- and categorized everything else according to my system. So begin by deciding which segments are important parts of your life, organizing accordingly and voila, the hardest part is over!

Step 2: Supply and Conquer

Now that you know what your planner will be used for, you will need a few things to put inside of it. Start off with the supplies shown below and then add more as you begin to put your planner together. For example, I only bought washi tape afterwards, when I felt that my subject dividers and cover pages lacked a little pizzazz. While on the other hand, things like the Post-Its and the marker pens, serve a less aesthetic purpose and were a staple from the start.

Step 3: The Layout

This is the how of the whole production. How do you want everything to be organized? Do you want a weekly rotation of Post-It notes, a monthly calendar, or maybe both? Either way, choose a method that works and that will entice you to use your planner when the going gets tough.

Step 4: The Planning

Let your creativity run rampant. Break out your pens and tapes, and begin filling in the blanks and decorating. For example, I let every colour represent something-- blue is for events and pink is for tests and projects. I used washi tape to highlight lengthy events, like Spirit Week and Winter Break. In other words, I created a system that's functional, which will help me navigate through my Senior Year.

Alexandra XO

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