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It is the beginning of spring and the end of spring break. The snow has partially melted and the sun is shining brighter. With the end of March, we put an end to wearing cumbersome winter coats, and hello to spring jackets (the Canadian springtime feels more like a warmer version of fall). As we flip onto the next month on our calendars, we officially say our adieus to cold wintery mornings, as we impatiently wait, with open arms for the warmth to come and the true arrival of spring. Although the clock has been turned back for another few months, making everyone much more sleepy but more joyful than ever. This my friends is the power of a little bit of sun, a little bit of warmth and the month that is March. Not only does it host the Spring Equinox, but it coincides with the official day to celebrate all things that make people smile -- the United Nations International Day of Happiness . In an extra effort to make this year’s celebration much more joyful, the UN got people involved and united them through the power of music. By connecting people using the all-powerful hashtag ( #HappySoundsLike) leading up to the big day, people from all over the world were able to suggest songs to create the world’s happiest playlist.

I’ve already mentioned why I think music is such a powerful tool and so I won’t bore you all with that again (click here though if you want a reminder), but I wanted to focus on happiness itself. This year, I’m more intrigued by the idea of creating a universal list itself rather than what songs are on it. The whole concept reminds of the movie Hector and the Search for Happiness in which the main character takes off on an adventure around the world in order to find out what makes people happy or unhappy. A task that seems easier said than done, but that inspired me to write this post. You see, much like Hector, I am a bit of a list fanatic, not because I want everything under control, but simple to fulfill my need to have all of my thoughts in one place. Unlike Hector, whose list ended up having more than twenty components to happiness, I make multiple lists every day, but I have yet to complete one-- I still have two tasks to cross off of my most recent one. Unlike Hector, if I were tasked with finding the key ingredients to happiness, I have no clue what they would be.

My uncertainty is not because I wouldn’t be able to make the list, but because unlike making a playlist, I think that there’s so much to it than the title of a song. But then again, why can’t it be? For someone else in the world, it might be their single source of happiness. I think that happiness is a bit of a strange thing. It’s something that everyone wants a bite of, but that nobody knows its taste. We’ve been told that it can supposedly be found by purchasing the newest iPhone, or the most expensive anti-aging crème. But I’ve learned that it can be found in a hug from an old friend one, or when eating breakfast as a family. It’s made up of the mountain climbing and unimaginable heights for some, and yes, music for others.

As Hector said, “Happiness is a certain way of seeing things.” I see now that the problem lies in the question itself, and not me. Happiness doesn’t have to be made up of several distinct components, it can be made up of one simple thing, or a mosaic of a million different things. It could be simply breathing, which is a pretty important factor in anyone’s life-- not to mention happiness-- that holds more than one meaning. On the other hand, cooking or dancing could be ones too. Each action contains so many different aspects, that the words are much more meaningful than they appear to be. Happiness, is not something that someone can decide for you, or that is given, along with a signed certificate and a matching cap and gown. I think that it’s more of a state of being. It’s that point when you know that you feel good. When you reach it, there might not be fireworks exploding all around you, or an announcement on the news. You could be curling up on the sofa and getting ready to watch TV, you could have just one the lottery, or you could be in bed, typing like a maniac after finding the perfect words for your article. Either way, that’s what happiness truly is.

Click here to listen to my own #HAPPY playlist.

If there was a recipe to happiness, what would be your top three ingredients?