Usually I find that other than the occasional snow day, Christmas and the opportunity to skate outdoors, that winter isn’t of much – unless you’re the type of person who finds having a runny nose and chattering teeth helpful. It doesn’t offer the warm sunshine and lengthy holiday that the summer brings, nor the blooming buds and pretty sights that comes with the spring, nor the multitude of pumpkin flavoured foods that comes with autumn. Believe it or not, I’ve realized that the wintertime and all of the good (see above) and bad (the cold, the cold and the cold) associated can actually be an advantage when it comes to taking care of one’s skin.

I’ve heard how hot water opens pores and cold water closes them and how I should rinse my hair with cold water to seal the follicle, and have incorporated these little nuggets of beauty wisdom into my daily routine, but I never made the connection between beauty and ice before a few weeks ago. While scrolling through Brit+Co, I came across a post in which they showed several ways to use the cold in your beauty regimen (two of which I mentioned above). Seeing as I was feeling in a particularly crafty mood, I whipped out my cute ice trays, brewed some tea and collected my essential oils and made two batches using tea tree essential oil (the stars) and orange essential oil (the flowers), and green tea.

I generally use plain ice cubes whenever I feel that I might have a pimple, to reduce the size of one or, to de-puff my eyes but now the green tea gives them an extra kick by rejuvenating the skin and reducing puffiness. Not to be outdone, the orange and tea tree oil boost the skin thanks to their own anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and antiseptic powers! Ironically, orange oil helps to relieve dry skin that is often associated with the cold.

What you will need:

Luckily the instructions are pretty simple and quick so you can get right to beautifying! Firstly, gather all of your tools around you, and rinse your trays to make sure that they are clean! Once you’ve made sure everything is well-rinsed and dried, add 2-5 drops of essential oil into each container within the tray. Next,  pour the green tea until the desired level and pop it into the freezer until their nice and frozen.

2-WP_20150201_6192When they are ready, you simply have to let them sit for a minute or two at room temperature before applying it to your face. This is just a precaution in order to ensure that they’re not too cold and cause any damage to your face.

3-WP_20150201_5139 Afterwards, simply massage in on your skin using a towel or gloves – it is still an ice cube after all – sit back and relax!


(Note: These ice cubes are for external use only! Don’t use them in your refreshments, or get it into your mouth or eyes, no matter how cute them may look!)

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How do you like to pamper yourself?