Happy Holidays and Merry (belated) Christmas! We have officially three days until New Year’s 2015, and I think that it’s time to get ready to say goodbye to 2014 and a warm hello to 2015 by dusting off our old New Year’s resolutions and getting ready to make some new ones (or improve on the old ones)  Like most things in life, focus is a pretty important part in accomplishing any task, especially when it comes to crossing things off the sacred New Year’s Resolution List. In the long run, not focusing on the task at hand can cause a build up of work which may lead to feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Fulfilling your New Year’s resolutions should be a fun and gratifying thing to do, not a burden.  So, to help you lighten the load try a few of these tips to make crossing goals off your list (whether it's for New Year's or not) a real breeze.

Get in the zone

Sometimes inspiration comes in the most comfy of packages. For some reason, I can focus more on what I have to do when I am in the perfect state of tranquility and comfort. In other words when I’m in bed surrounded by music, a warm cup of tea, a cozy sweater and my trusty pen and notebook. From the outside, it probably looks like I’m just lounging or surfing the internet, but this setup helps me from everything to writing new blog posts (I sometimes bring my laptop with me), to studying for tests (minus the music and unless it’s math). So if you find your attention wandering towards the window, instead than on the task at hand, try rearranging your desk or the area around you so that you can get in the right head space.

Making things visible

Remember, out of sight, out of mind. Generally, I make to-do lists in my agenda so that I’ll see what I have to do every time I flip through the pages. However, I don’t display my resolutions for everyone to see in the traditional sense, but I make a Visualization Board, which helps to decorate my room and mentally cross things off throughout the year, before physically doing so when the New Year begins. Whether it’s pinning your New Year’s Resolution list to your fridge, making a visualization board or designing an ‘evisualization’ board (a more environmentally friendly version), make sure to place it somewhere you can see it everyday and I’m sure that you’ll be well on your way to completing it.

Take a step back

Your body knows when you need a break a lot earlier than your mind does. Sometimes, the more I try to push myself to get a task done, the more my mind wanders. I take this as a cue, to take a deep breath, save what I have done and go do something else completely unrelated to the task at hand. If I’m doing math homework, I will go paint my nails, or if I’m writing a speech, I’ll go practice my kicking. Believe it or not, when I come back I have more interesting ideas than before, allowing me to quickly finish whatever I have to do.

Tell a somebody

A support group is always a useful thing to have for inspiration and support (hence the name). So, if you feel like your slipping or that you have too much on your plate, make sure to talk to someone about it. Whether it’s your best friend, a sibling, or a trusted family member, telling someone about your resolutions allows them to be able to help you to fulfill it. Getting a helping hand doesn’t make the mission any less accomplished, so telling a friend, or two, or three can’t help but make completing the task a whole lot easier.

Shake it off!

This might be more useful for staying focused when studying or doing homework, but when I can’t seem to sit still and finish what I have to do, my mom always tells me to get up and move around. At first, I thought that this was a bit counter intuitive, so I was a bit reluctant and I thought, “How can moving away from the work I have to do actually help get any closer to getting it done?” Fortunately, I listened up and moved from my desk to my balcony and realized how the fresh air, gave me fresh mindset. Now instead of just switching spots, I actually move around by exercising or dancing, to get the blood pumping, the heart racing and the ideas flowing.

What were some of your New Year’s 2014 resolutions that you accomplished?