September, the start of the new year. The beginning of a whole new opportunity to make more friends and learn new things. However, as school starts up and I head back to class, I feel that I should pay homage to one of the many places where I’ve learned things as well – this blog. Over the year, thanks to Tiger Lilly, I have managed to learn quite a few things that I probably wouldn’t ever have known had I not begun this blog.  When I began Tiger Lilly last summer, I started out with the idea of spreading some joy and some of the little tid-bits of wisdom that I have gained over the years. While I feel that my blog has served my original purpose, I never imagined that having one would teach me a thing or two. So, I thank you dear reader for sticking around and giving me motivation to continue writing so that I can learn more and share my knowledge with you!

Always have a camera!

As you may have noticed, I generally like to make the majority of my own pictures for my posts. I usually try to use pictures that I have taken while I was out and about, but sometimes I like to illustrate my own backgrounds as well. However, there have been more than a few occasions when I have missed a golden picture opportunity because I a) didn’t have my camera with me or b) my phone camera lagged! Needless to say, it’s very annoying when such an event happens and I often find myself mentally kicking myself for not being more prepared. Fortunately, I am learning from old unruly ways and teaching myself to be more prepared!

Moral: When opportunity comes knocking, you better be ready to open that door!

When in doubt, write

Sometimes I get stuck in a rut. Sometimes, those ruts turn into a whole week worth of ruts and when it’s time to post something, I end up panicking and putting unnecessary stress on myself to figure out something to write. Unfortunately, this doesn’t only happen when I try blogging, but when studying too. Yes, I admit it, I am a part-time  procrastinator (but to be fair, I’ve done some of my best work under pressure). Blogging has taught me, to prioritize my time and to do a little bit every day. Sitting down for hours and studying seems daunting, but if your break it up into thirty minute segments, the time just flies by.

Moral: “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”.

Pen and paper, is a writer’s best friend!

As I mentioned before, I am a part-time procrastinator. On the other half of my time, when I am proactive and get everything done before it’s required of me, I still sometimes get stuck. Occasionally, I have a hard time coming up with an idea that really speaks to me, and/or that I feel that I must write about. When those days happen, I’ve learned a trick that works really well – a change of scenery. When I get tired of staring at screen, I pick up a good old fashioned pen and paper and usually, the creative juices start flowing. When I get tired of staring at my textbook for a while, I move to my balcony (unless it’s winter) and get some fresh air.

Moral: When times get tough, the tough get going to another place where they can clear their minds before heading back to the task at hand.

Seek creativity and imagination everywhere

No idea is too ludicrous. Some of the best inspiration comes from the simplest and most mundane things. It’s important to open your eyes to all that is around you, so that you can appreciate it all. Think about it, some the simplest things can make you extremely happy such as, a hug!

Moral: “Some of the best things come in small packages”

The perks of voluntary self-isolation

If blogging has taught me one thing, it’s how important it is to have some space that I can call my own. When I feel a good idea coming, I find that staying in my room to write helps my to focus more and get the job done. Which I think is a tactic that is important in times of great importance (school-wise). I’m sorry to say this but you can’t watch Netflix and do homework at the same time, because the former is the fun thing to do but the latter is the right thing to do, and sometimes you brain can get mixed up and prioritize one of the other. The season finale of Glee will always wait for you, whereas your marks can be a little less loyal.

Moral: Drastic times call for drastic measures

The perks of voluntary self-inclusion

Sometimes, the best thing to do is get out and have fun! Whether that means going for a run, meeting up with your best friends, playing the guitar or doing all three (bonus points if you can do it all at the same time), do whatever makes you feel good. I have already mentioned a few times about the importance of a little R&R, and occasionally a little rest and relaxation are the answer to almost every situation that may arise. As far as blogging is concerned, you never know when or where a bit of inspiration will appear and going out is the best way to go and find some!

Moral: Bust a move!

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