Summertime is once again upon us, here in good ol’ Canada! And with the great need to occupy yourself during your summer vacation, comes great and very resourceful ideas. Sometimes when my friends and I hang out, we don’t watch a movie or go to an amusement park, we take the subway downtown and roam the streets. Although a seemingly simple act, it's the one that leaves us with the best stories to tell, and that tell-tale twinkle in our eyes that one only earns after having an adventure.

Walking throughout the streets of our city--rather than driving--gives us a chance to explore new sights and experience various sounds, tastes and smells. With each step, our heartbeats synchronize with that of the bustling city-life. The more twists and turns we take, the more we find unique boutiques and unusual restaurants that we can add to our collection of personal landmarks.  The closer we get into the heart of the city, the more we get to actually experience (and not just see) the people and places that make this place home. We get to interact with the world around us place, instead of just catching glimpses of it as we drive from destination to destination. Immersed within the various cultures around, we become more aware of the things that happen around us. Then finally we head home with our hearts and minds full with knowledge of what we have just experienced.

Adventure is Out There! (Quote from Disney's Up) As much as I would love to jet off to faraway lands, I think that the first place to explore is the city in which I live. Albeit, it doesn’t sound as fun and probably won’t impress most of  classmates if they ask what I did all summer, but I had great time nevertheless.

Sometimes I forget to appreciate all of the great things that I currently have. I focus on what I don't, killing my mood  and making me miss out on all of the interesting and potentially amazing things that are within my reach. After all, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone and I’ve learned that some of the best and most exciting things in life happen when and where you least expect them to happen. Personally, I don’t want to miss out on anything that I could possibly regret later on. I know that I won’t stay in my city forever, so when I do leave I want to look back fondly and remember all of the adventures that I had with my friends, whether they were a block down  from my home or 1,000 miles away.

What are some of the best things in your life have happened in your life when and/or where you least expected them to happen?