The last week of August is finally upon us – unfortunately—and with the end of August, comes the end of summer vacation.. Now, a whole new school year is upon us and to celebrate it and make easing into the new year a bit more comfortable, I am going to talk about ways to alleviate back-to-school stress. I’m not a specialist or anything, but I am a student who has dealt with her fair share of stress when it comes to heading to school. Every year there has been at least one thing nagging me before the school starts—other than the fact that school is starting up again-- and every year I’ve had to find ways to beat the clock and find the time to make myself feel better, de-stress and have a great first day of Back-to-school-time-clockthe new school year.

The Problem: The First Day of School Outfit

Ever since I was younger, the most important outfit was the one that I wore on the first day of school. It was easier when I was in kindergarten, when my mom had the role of picking my back-to-school outfit, but now that I am older it’s a whole different ball game. There’s the pressure of friends and where there is friends there is the possibility of taking pictures, which means that your outfit of choice will be archived forever in the social media world.

The Solution: Wear what makes you feel comfortable.

Even if you spend hundreds of dollars on designer clothes to wear, but they don’t make you feel comfortable or absolutely great when you put it on, then it’s not the right outfit or clothes for you. However, if a lack of outfit inspiration is your problem, then there are tons of ways to find what you need. Try searching #OOFTD on Instagram, or your favourite fashion or beauty blogger on YouTube and you’re bound to find tons of cute outfits that other people have shared that you could get inspiration from and make your own. Better yet, why not get a head start and create a Pinterest board full of cute outfits before tackling your own wardrobe? Whatever you decide to wear remember that comfort, a big smile and a nice pair of shoes are key!

P.S. If you’re having doubts about the outfit that you chose, snap a quick picture and ask one of your closest for their advice.

The Problem: The New School, the New City and You’re the New Kid in Town

Over the years I have moved around quite a lot and each time I’ve had to deal with the much dreaded, but always rewarding and exciting task of making new friends.  It’s a topic that I’ve talked about before, but it’s one that I think is relevant for everyone even if they’re not moving to a new school. It’s also a thought, that used to keep me up at night worrying about how the first day would be like and whether or not I would even make any friends.

The Solution: Be yourself.

There’s not that much more to it. When it comes to making friends, I’ve learned that being yourself, putting your best foot forward and starting the day with a positive attitude, you’re bound to attract other sincere, positive people. Keep in mind to also be a bit more outgoing than usual by  getting involved by joining clubs and teams, which will help you to meet new people. Also, don’t forget that just because your are new and everyone else has known each other for years doesn’t mean that they necessarily feel comfortable coming up to you either. Don’t be afraid to approach people and introduce yourself!

The Problem: Time Management

Adding school back to the daily routine, throws even the most organized person out of whack.

The Solution: Analyze your schedule already.

Are you already struggling to find a balance between work, soccer practice and you’re regular volunteer position downtown? If so, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate and find a schedule that allows time for school, homework – it’s a bore but you have go to do it at one point— and some much needed you time. You won’t be off to a great start this year, if you’re constantly worried about fulfilling all of your commitments! Take a moment to analyze your schedule now, so that you can do whatever you have left to the very best of your abilities.

The Problem: The Back-to-School Blues

Symptoms include:
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue (you’re catching up on all the sleep you are about to miss)
  • Anger (about the summer being so short)
  • Worry
  • Netflix binge watching (you’re catching up on all the TV that you might not be able to watch when school starts)

The Solution: Chin up!

Contrary to popular belief, school isn’t all that bad. It’s a place that’s filled with great friends, fun times and a plethora of opportunities. So, chin up and capitalize on what’s left of the summer now with your friends and family.

How to do de-stress before heading back to school?