Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you just cannot get to work. You sit down armed with all of the things that you need to complete your task and a mind hell-bent on getting your work done. Then as soon as you start working…poof! Suddenly, all of your energy and previous determination is gone just as quickly as it came. Then, one of two things can happen: you are really stubborn and force yourself to try to get some work done or, you take a break and come back to it when you are in a better state of mind. Personally, I am the former and I have learned from experience that that method does not work. Trust me, I am a victim of this and end up spending the whole day frustrated without getting an ounce of work completed.

I have learned that sometimes you just have to do nothing. More often than not, our bodies know when it’s time to quit before our mind does. This rule applies to exercise and when trying to study. A few months back, I had possibly the most brilliantly terrible idea – I applied to take an e-summer biology course to try and get ahead for next year. Let me tell you now that I seriously misjudged the workload and while most people are spending their summer enjoying the outdoors and travelling, I am cooped up inside in front of a computer, but I digress. On the bright side, I have become a champion note maker and I have learned perhaps the most important lesson of all, the art of doing nothing.

So if you’re the former of the two options, you are off to a great start in life my friend. Although they say when the gets going, the going gets tough, occasionally (and I do mean occasionally) the going needs to go drink some tea and read good book or watch some Netflix for a while.

Don’t worry about feeling as if you are being unproductive or lazy, I assure you that you are actually doing one of the most important and productive tasks of the days. You’re fitting in some much needed “me” time by getting some major R and R while re-energizing yourself so you can focus and actually get some work done. Now it’s all about finding the right energizer and knowing when to take a break. Once you’ve mastered this, you’ve mastered the art of doing nothing.

Do you ever feel like you just need to take a break?