Happy blogiversary

One month and a year ago, I began this blog with the idea of spreading a bit of wisdom, joy and whatever small tidbits that were stored in my arsenal of knowledge. But like all the best things in life, this blog was created by a spontaneous burst of energy on one hot summer day. After putting a ton of thought into the name Tiger Lilly (more on that later) and trying to design the blog in a way that represented my personality, I finally took a deep breath , wrote and published my very first post! Although, it’s only been a year looking back, I feel like I have grown quite a lot  in such a short amount of time and I am thrilled that I was able to share it with you guys. Post after post, I try and write articles and stuff that interest me (and hopefully you) and at first, I was super worried! I was worried about whether or not I would run out of ideas, if anyone would actually check out my blog and not to mention what I would write about. But like most things in life, blogging is a learning process and there’s no right way of creating one. At the end of the day, it all boils down to having fun and having a whole lot of passion. I suppose the main point of this post, is to remember the first day I ever put anything into the blogosphere and to congratulate you guys (my lovely readers) for being willing to take a chance on Tiger Lilly and sticking along for the ride.

When it comes to blogiversaries, it seems that most bloggers give giveaways  and I don’t think that that’s really fair since not everybody can win. So by letting my inner Katniss Everdeen out, I have decided to change the rules and take matters into my own hands. While I have nothing physical to giveaway to you all, I am happy to share a few more snippets of life lessons that I love in the form of quotes (I adore quotes), a huge thank you (you guys are the bomb diggitty) and an e-hug (there’s nothing better than spreading the love)!

I have learned over the year that…

Having a few great friends, is better than having 100 so-so friends.

True friends

It’s perfectly acceptable to take a step back, take deep breath and relax!

We lose connection with one another

Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest things.

Tea quote

Being silly and acting like a child is always a great idea!

Growing up and acting young

It’s important to make the best of every situation (take matters into your own hands).

Turning every setback into a comeback

Reading a great book can be just as great as travelling.

The power of words


No one know what’s best for you than you. Now, go ahead and inspire yourself!

Being a confident woman

What is your favourite quote?