I am a pretty busy person, there was a point in my life when I had nothing at all to do, but those days are long gone. Over the past few months I had fallen into a quite hectic schedule that revolved around work, school, Tiger Lilly, sports, friends and family.It reached a point where I felt like I was losing control and losing track of all the things that I was supposed to do because I was so worried about pleasing everyone else. At this point, I hadn’t gotten much sleep and I was definitely beginning to feel the effects. In other words, it felt like I was taking two small steps forward and one huge step back. Just when I thought I had it all under control, a minor shift or addition into my already tight schedule,  threw everything out of the delicate balance that I had created. 

Then, one by one all of the things that I loved to do, were starting to become a burden. I could no longer find any time to sit down and read, go out with my friends or simply watch a movie with the rest of my family. Suddenly, going to Taekwondo practice felt more like a chore than fun and going to work, actually felt like work. Naturally, my first thought was, “ It’s just a phase, if I just take it day by day, the storm will pass and everything will be fine.” But I have come to learn that life sometimes has a funny way of stopping you from potentially hurting yourself or those around you. Eventually those days turned into weeks, and those weeks into months, causing me even more stress until I cracked. Now by cracking I mean that I had a moment of clarity, and within that moment I realized that it was definitely time to take a break.

I have also learned that it is those around you and closest to you are who are always the first ones to notice everything about you before you realize it yourself. Naturally, seeing as they are my family and that’s what families do, they were the first ones to give me a good piece of advice by telling me that it’s time that I took a breather. I being the rebellious teenager that I am (actually I am just really stubborn), I simply would not listen for the following two reasons – I actually like being busy and I was under the false impression that I could do it all. I’ve seen so many superhero movies that I actually thought that I could be one, I thought I could save everyone else’s life and have time to live mine too.

Once again, my family was right (giving them a few more points on the awesomeness scale) and taking time to slow down was actually very beneficial. Before, I was suffering of a lack of motivation of things to write for Tiger Lilly and now I’m armed with multiple article ideas. Taekwondo practice actually feels fun – as it should be – and working feels a lot less like work, but more like a huge step in the right direction. The moral of my story here is, although always having things to do can be fun, when things gets rough, it’s important to take a step back, take a breather and re-evaluate, for your own sake.

What do you invest the majority of your time doing?