Life's an Arrow QuoteIn my life, I have fallen down a lot. I fell when I first learned how to walk and when I first took the training wheels off my bike. I fell of a treadmill and I’ve tripped and fallen over my own two feet. Just last week during my Taekwondo class, I did nothing but fall over (albeit it was because of several good kicks to the solar plexus)!

I think that falling is one of those things that everyone does and that many people react differently to. Some people get all flustered and cry about it. Some people are mortified and won’t show their faces for a while. While others will get up, dust themselves up and laugh about it. I am the latter. I don’t really care how many times I fall, as long as I get back up (which I almost always do). Honestly, I even like falling sometimes, it helps to put things in perspective and teaches you a valuable skill. Also, I love the feeling of triumph once you make your comeback!

Think about it, if you’re like me and watch tons of sports related movies, then you will know that the main characters are usually the underdogs. They’re at the bottom of the heap, no one believes in them, no one expects much from them and so when they finally pull ahead, they’re the team that everyone is rooting for. Now don’t get me wrong, I love being in first place. I like to win and get trophies, but it’s important to remember that not always being first to cross the finish line or making the most dramatic entrance is okay too.

The way I see it, just when it seems like life is weighing your down and pulling you away from your goal, it is only that have you spring forward towards something a thousand times better. The trick is to stay focused, let loose and tell yourself that everything is going to be alright.