Spring Cleaning

Sick of winter? Have no fear, Spring is here (officially anyway)! Every time spring rolls around, my family and I take the opportunity to de-clutter and de-gunk the house. We spritz, spray, sweep and shine where we can, leaving no corner un-Springified. So for those of you who don't have a habit of clearing out your whole house, as a sort of  goodbye winter ritual, here are a few tips to get you started on your room!

1. Spray and sweep.

Break out the cleaning supplies and get ready to get your hands dirty! Wipe away any of the dust on your shelves, throw out old unnecessary papers and don't forget to vacuum!

2. Sort and organise.

This step has various degrees of difficulty. It all depends on how many useless things that you may have lying around, and your ability to give them away. Take some time to sort through old worksheets from school, throw out the ones that are not needed and organize in a cut folder, the ones that you do need. Also, sort through you closet as well! Get rid of that favourite shirt that is now too small for you. Better yet, give it to a friend, a sibling or donate it to charity.

3. Rearrange and space management.

Now that everything is all spring clean, why not rearrange some of the furniture in you room? If you don't have a lot of space in your room, why not hang some funky baskets from the ceiling that can double as shelves. Or, if you have a short shelf, place it by your bed and it can double as a bedside table!

4. Theme and decor.

Having or creating a theme for you room doesn't necessarily mean putting up a fresh coat of paint. It's all about how you set up your living space and the decor that you add accordingly. Changing up the overall  feel of your room is a simple as changing the lampshade, changing the color of your sheets from white to pink or setting up your picture frames differently. I suggest starting off with a plan, either drawn or written down. Then you can start creating the room of your dreams!

5. DIY crafts and "the" personal touch.

To me, your room is an extension of you. So to add "the" personal and final finishing touches to your room, try DIYing some of the things that you may need. For example, DIY a cute frame to hang up some pictures of you and your friends! You can also try making a wall collage of all of your favourite inspirational quotes, pictures and places.