clip_image002March is National Reading Month and so to kick it off, I wanted to tell you about why I love reading. As much as I love to write, I love to read. I've been reading ever since the age of three and it was just around that age when I started making my own little awfully illustrated picture books. Soon after, I began writing short stories and poems.

Over the years, I’ve read more books than I can keep track of and every word on every page has been my source of adventure. Numerous times, I’ve been caught by my parents either crying on the sofa over a sad part in a book or just because my favourite series had come to an end. Time and time again, my friends have had to listen to my hopeless fangirl over book series like Rick Riordan’s, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”. More than once, they all have had to listen to me fangirl all over again once the book would be turned into a movie! Though on the outside looking in, it may seem a bit crazy to have such a huge reaction over a few words on some bits of paper (or eBook reader), but if you’re an avid book lover like me, you’ll totally understand why.

To me, reading a book, is just like travelling. Without ever leaving the comfort of my own home, I’ve ventured through the hottest of deserts and I have flown over the highest of peaks. I’ve trekked through the Amazon and I dove twenty thousand leagues under the sea. Opening the first page of a book, is like pulling back a curtain and revealing a whole new world of sights and senses filled with romance, drama or mystery, topped off with a bit of adventure. With one line, you can travel back thousands of years to the time of the Pharaohs or the great Odyssey. Then, once you’ve finished the book, you’ve gained a treasure trove of experiences and adventures, and you’ve found a friend in the hero or heroine of your story.

The number one reason that people go and pick up any piece of literature, is so they can read a story. Whether it’s fiction or non –fiction, reading helps to teach us about the world around us or about the worlds that we would love to visit (not to mention it enriches our vocabulary).Thanks to reading, we can live hundreds of different lives through hundreds of people which ultimately I think helps us to become better and more empathetic human beings.

With the rise of films that were adapted from books such as The Hobbit or Twilight (I’m on Team Jacob by the way), I’ve heard quite a few people say that there’s no point in reading the books anymore. I am here to set the record straight, there is quite a big difference between reading the book and watching it. There is a certain magic embedded into the pages of a book that cannot be fully translated onto the big screen. In a movie, the character’s appearance and all the scenarios are all presented to you. Whereas, when you read a book, you have to be willing to open your mind and your imagination to the impossible, and truly let your thoughts flow freely in order to really envision whatever world that the main character is placed in. In fact, when reading you temporarily become the character so, when the main character sees a friend die, you feel the pain as well! Eventually, all of the trials and tribulations that the protagonist goes through stay with you long after you close the book. Overtime, their world becomes your own and you may have a hard time leaving it. This is how books have created such huge fandoms for example, the Tributes (The Hunger Games trilogy), the Potterheads (The Harry Potter series) and the Ringers (The Lord of the Rings series).

At the end of the day, there is only one thing required in order to immerse yourself into the story that you are reading, your imagination. This imagination, paired with a piece of literature (whether it's a comic book or the dictionary) the key to kick starting your adventure is making sure that it's a genre and story that you enjoy! So go ahead, open a book and allow yourself to be taken all over the world or maybe into a whole other dimension, where anything is possible and there are twists around every corner. So, if you ever find yourself stuck in a rut and you have nothing to do or nowhere to go, visit the library or your bookstore, crack one open and get ready for some fun.

What’s your favourite book and genre? What fandoms are you apart of?

To help get you started, visit the Books tab to check out some of the book series and etc. that I have read and enjoyed.