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March 20th was International Day of Happiness, which believe it or not lies on the first day of spring and National Macaron Day! Is this a coincidence? I think not. Anyhow, the only thing that could’ve really been the cherry to top off such a wonderful day would be if it also happened to be Global Belly Laugh Day also, because to me happiness and laughter go hand in hand. I may not have mentioned this before but, I really love to laugh. I try to do it every day and as many times as possible, it’s my favourite thing to do! This is mostly due to the fact that I can find humour in almost anything, even at my own jokes. Sometimes, the more corny the joke, the harder I crack up. It also helps that all of my friends are hilarious as well, and having a good giggle is a common past time of ours and we do it collectively and rather loudly (that’s the only way to make laughter spread)! Although, I know that the International Day of Happiness has passed, I think that we should all strive to feel happy all year round. And for me, the best way to keep everyone around me and myself feeling joyful, is to laugh.

Not so long ago, I found out that people aren’t laughing as much. Apparently, on average most adults laugh less than 20 times a day while children laugh more than 300 times! So, as I reach adulthood, this truly worries me. Personally, the thought of not laughing at all is simply unimaginable! There are so many benefits that having a good chortle can have in our lives, that I feel that it is my duty as a citizen of Earth to let everyone know.

Stress Reliever

Laughing helps you to relieve yourself of negative emotions or thoughts, therefore ridding you of stress. It expels all the stress creating hormones, which help you to better handle a situation, relax and have some fun.

Mood Booster

It only takes a quick chortle for you to start feeling better. Laughter releases bad mood busting endorphins and  makes you focus and become more alert.

Friend Maker

Laughter is contagious! For most people, including myself, just seeing someone smile or hearing someone laugh, is enough to make them join in on the fun as well. So, laughter or telling jokes that create it, is a great way to spread the good vibes and attract positive, giggle loving friends.

Calorie Burner

Yes, that’s right! Laughing burns calories, it’s a form of exercise. Laughing for 10 minutes, is the equivalent of pedalling for15 minutes on an exercise bike. Think about it, have you ever laughed so hard that your abs started hurting? Well, that’s due to the fact that you are in the middle of giving them a good workout! Keep in mind, that in order to stay healthy or get in shape, you cannot spend all day laughing at funny cat videos but it does help.

Disease Fighter/ Immune System Booster

Since laughter decreases stress inducing hormones, improves your mood and helps get the blood flowing, it’s a gives your immune system a good jolt. This helps keep your body healthy and fights any sicknesses that may come your way!

Lightning Fast

It doesn’t take long to feel happier and lighter after a good joke has been told. Therefore, the results are instantaneous and you will be feeling great in no time!

I think that there is almost no reason why people shouldn’t laugh every day, in this day and age, there are so many comedy outlets. They range from comedy films to Tweets, to TV shows and beyond. For example, CBC Radio’s Laugh Out Loud podcasts (available for free on iTunes) are also a great place to get some good jokes. I frequently listen to this radio segment when driving in my car and I can assure you that it makes everyone laugh! Some of the times that I have laughed the hardest are thanks to watching Vines, so go ahead and follow some funny Viners and get to guffawing! This brings me to my next tool in my comedy arsenal, YouTube. I can’t even begin to list all of the hilarious channels there are out there. From HISHE, to Funny or Die, YouTube is basically a treasure trove of laugh inducing videos! Just search up funny Vines or MadTV  and trust me, you’re sure to find tons. With the help of one of these resources, you’re sure to fill up your daily quota in no time.
Urgent Note:  Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t smile or chuckle at something that makes you happy! Also, ignore all the people who do not express any kind of joyful emotion and tell you not to smile because of laugh lines. While surfing the web for some positive comments on laugh lines (rather than the usual negative ones), this very kind user helped to perfectly answer another users question of laugh lines and hopefully banish any worries that she or anyone else will have about them forever! Click here to read the response.