Tech part 2 logoHave you seen Jimmy Kimmel’s Celebrity Read Mean Tweets? If so then you sort of have an idea of what I’m going to talk about, if not, then I’m going to explain it to you anyway. Basically, it’s a segment of the show when celebrities read out loud some the awful Tweets tweeted to them, in an effort to raise awareness of the dark side of social media. Some range from bad to atrociously awful, but they’re all just plain mean. The worst part is that people keep Tweeting all these mean things and think that it’s okay!

The cyber world is pretty new and filled with tons of nifty and fun gadgets, tools, social media networks and etc. So I think that as Cyber Citizens, we should make it our responsibility to really take control of what we put out into the world. After all, the words that you write in a Facebook post, just like in real life once said cannot be taken back. Once they leave your mouth or once you press send they are out there in the world for everyone to analyze and criticize. I have heard countless stories of social media users who have posted a picture on Facebook or have Tweeted a comment, that seemed fun at the time, but that has gotten them in trouble later on down the road. So, in order to prevent anymore of this I have created an acronym P.O.S.T. that works as a checklist for you to think about before you post (pun intended) anything online.


As in, stop! Do not, push the send button, until you read the next steps!

Observe (for any spelling mistakes)

How can you make a thought provoking post/caption/text when it’s filled with spelling and grammar mistakes? Not only that, but writing in full sentences packs more punch and is bound to get your point across much more clearly (albeit it will take a longer time to write and it’s can be a challenge when using Twitter, but it’s a challenge that I am willing to accept) Also, why throw all those long years of education and numerous spelling tests out the window, when all you have to do is write is add two more letters to ur, to make your?


Now, it’s time for you to reflect over what you wrote. There is no need to tell everyone ever single thought and every single thing that has happened to you in the course of an hour (a.k.a. Oversharing, TMI)! You bought a plant? Great, but not everyone needs to know about it! Also take some time to think of the emotional state you are in. Are you angry, exhausted or really sad? Then I suggest that you walk run away from anything that requires a battery and a Wi-Fi connection immediately! We have all heard of the dreaded half asleep late night text. It starts off as an innocent text to your friend and the next thing you know you’re telling them your whole life story!

Time to Post

Once you’ve gone over this, you are free to Tweet and Instagram to your hearts content! Enjoy!

Check in next week for Part Three!

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