Technology Part 1 words and logoNowadays, there is an app for almost everything and almost everything has an app! In 2014, technology is everywhere and is being used more than ever. Right this second, you’re using technology whether it’s an iPhone, tablet or laptop to read this post! Now don’t get me wrong, I love technology! Instagram and Pinterest are my favourite! I just think that as teens, it’s very easy to get swept up in the glitz and glamour of smartphones and all the latest apps and etc. So much in fact that it can reach a point when surfing the web and using your cell can consume the majority of your life.

For example, when Flappy Bird came out, tons of people all over the world, spent countless hours trying to get a score over three. (If this is you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I too was a victim of trying to get that flying piece of corn that they call a ‘bird’ through those green tubes.) So while all sorts of apps and gadgets have been created so that it can bring all the people of the world closer together, in some ways it’s managed to also isolate us from the people in our personal world.

A good example of this is on the bus, as soon as you walk in all you can see is the top of commuters’ heads as they sit with their necks bent over their smartphones. If you don’t already have your headphones on, as you sit down all you have to look forward to listening too, as you head to your next stop, is the sound of the traffic and that robotic voice who tells you the name of the stop. Once upon a time, people used to actually smile and talk to one another when they got onto the bus. Now whenever some stranger smiles at me during my commute, I feel more shaken than conversational.

Another good example is the whole text vs. talk debate. Personally, I’m Team Talk, I prefer to call or Skype my friends rather than text or message them. However, it seems more people aren’t even bothering to do so anymore and this mode of communication (just like writing letters) is on the decline. I don’t know about you, but I find that last bit sort of upsetting, I would love to get a letter!

The way I see it, the more time we spend online seeing a mere sliver of what the world has to offer, the less time we have to actually experience all of it. So, here is my sort of technology checklist for you to consider when you feel like you or someone close to you, may be too caught up in the digital world than the real one.

Is it useful?

As the bigger sister, I am also a big nagger, especially when it comes to my own sister’s use of computer time. I tend to check up on her and ask her to find another game to play or invite her to play a game with me, in an effort to get her to spend her time wisely. (She will thank me in the long run.)

Is there something else that I could be doing?

Like homework, perhaps?

Is there are friend that I could go chill with?

I’m sure that your friends would much rather hang out with you than look at one of your Snapchats or texts. So get out there and have fun?

How long have I been on (insert technological device here)?

If the answer is all day, then it’s time to go find another activity (that does not include a screen).

Tune in next week, for part two.