I feel like sometimes as we grow up that we can be afraid to step outside our comfort zone. Which is totally understandable, as teens we are vastly sheltered  from a lot of things. However, sometimes we get so comfortable living inside this glass box of ours, that we forget to venture out into the world. (Myself included, sometimes staying home seems like a much better option than heading outside, but it needs to be done.) I feel like as we grow up, we are sometimes afraid to take risks and do the things that gives us butterflies in our stomach. Yet, as it turns out, most of the times its those types of opportunities, that are the ones that will help us to start truly living our lives. Whether it’s to follow a dream, change the world or learn something new, it all begins with you. While yes, I can understand if the thought of doing this may be daunting for some. I assure you that if you just keep reading, you will see that it’s not as hard as it might may seem.

A perfect example of stepping outside the box and venturing out into the world, is the character Jarvis (played by Kolton Stewart) in YTV’s new comedy show, Some Assembly Required. After winning a lawsuit against Knickknack Toys,(after having one of their toys explode and destroy his home) he becomes the new owner of the company at the young age of fourteen! Can you imagine being a teen and at the helm of a business? I know that it's kind of hard to imagine since so few teens have done it or are doing so. We are already so preoccupied with school, having a social life and etc., that most of us rather go home and watch Netflix than go home and draw up a business plan. Although, I do believe that whether it’s directing a company or directing the path that your life takes, there are a few tools needed to make your journey more pleasant. Keep in mind, that there are also a few pot holes that will catch you off guard, if you don’t keep your eye on the prize.
Some useful tools to have in this game we call life, is a solid and loyal support group composed of friends and family members. Having a solid support system will get you through almost everything that life throws your way. Whether it’s a breakup, a bad grade or simply boredom, friends and family are there to offer free guidance and help, in your time of need. The best part about them though, is that if they actually have your best interest at heart, they are always willing to help you succeed in whatever you decide to do. So that’s why, when the time came to pick a new team to help him run the business, Jarvis chose five of his friends from school to help him out.
Some Assembly Required
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Just like in any support group, there is a hodgepodge of personalities, skills and talents, which when put together can come up with some pretty creative ideas. For example, two of Jarvis’ friends,  Knox  and Bowie. Knox, may not be the brains in the bunch, but he is really into action and stunts, making him a perfect human test dummy for any of the new toys. Whereas Bowie is pretty mathematically inclined, making him a perfect fit as the company engineer. Either way, having a solid group of friends and family members with diverse interests, is a good tool to have to help you in all aspects of life.

Having a hobby or an interest is also great because it’s something special to you and you are passionate about it. Passion for things that we love or things that we love to do, is what drives us as humans to create some of the greatest ideas out there. Hobbies keep you entertained and people find ways to implement their interests into their everyday lives or into their life goals. For example, if you have an interest in airplanes. When you were young you start off by simply loving to look at airplane models and etc., then this love suddenly becomes your dream to become a pilot or to create the world’s fastest airplane.

In life, you are going to have to face a few bumps down the road, otherwise known as obstacles. Obstacles can come in many different forms. In this show they come in the form of two people, well…more like one person in disguise, Mrs. Bubkes. At the end of the day, whether it’s the weather or a person (a.k.a., a hater), that is causing you trouble in life,  they are there to lead you astray and make you forget the goal in mind. When people like that try to create some turmoil in you life, I think that it’s important to cut them out a.s.a.p. However, if you go to school with them or something like that, then it’s important to learn how to take their negative energy, use it, recycle it and create some positive energy instead.

Another, thing that distracts you from you goals is yourself! Believe it or not, but we are often times our own worst enemy! Negative thoughts that you might have had or are having could be the difference between victory and defeat. Like I said previously, no matter what you do, it all starts with you. So, if you find yourself doubting every move you make or dismissing any good ideas that you may have, you are already crossing off any chance that you have of succeeding. Also, avoid overthinking things, right next to doubt I think that it's a true dream killer! Think about it, how can others believe in you or your dream, if you don’t?

If you look around you will see that there are quite a lot of young people, taking the world by storm. Whether it’s for activism like Malala Yousafzai or for creating fun apps like Evan Spiegel, they’ve all become role models and sources of inspiration for the rest of us. The way I see it, while when they first started off there may have been few young people to look up to, now by venturing out into the world there are even more teenagers and young adults to inspire the new generations. I think that other than making toys and innovative apps, inspiration is one of the best things that you can give to others. And you know what the best part is? It's free and you can start at any age!

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