I'm not sure about you, but when Winter rolls around and the snow piles up, so does the amount of tasks that I have to do and my levels of stress. So here are a few of my tips to help overcome the Winter Blues and just relax.

Drink Something Warm

It's cold outside, so the first thing that I do once I get home is make a nice cup of hot tea! Drinking something warm tends to help people unwind after a long day, whether it's coffee or hot chocolate.

Curl Up with a Favourite Book/Movie

I think that this works great for a few reasons that can be summed up in this simple equation. 
Warm + Cozy + Fave Book or Movie = Relaxed

Breathe Deeply

The way we breathe has a big effect on the way we function. We need oxygen to survive, so it makes sense that the more oxygen you have, the less stressed you feel.

Silence/ Meditation

Sometimes the best way to unwind is to simply take a moment to just sit or lay down in complete silence.I like to think of meditation as a sort of mental detox. Sometimes, all the hustle and bustle of the outside world can take a toll on our emotions and our thoughts in general. So, by meditating or even taking a small nap, it gives your body and mind time to energise and refocus so that you can move on to your next task.


This tip is my personal favourite and works every single time. I find that there is almost no limit to the healing powers of laughter. Laughing is a great calorie burner, it releases mood improving endorphins and it's fun! So, go ahead and laugh it up! Go call a friend and chat for a while (you're bound to laugh eventually and this way you can spread the cheer) or watch a few funny YouTube videos or Vines (there is an unlimited amount of choices).

These were a few of my stress busting tips, so I ask you, which ones are your favourite? What do you do to decompress and de-stress yourself?