Today is my birthday! I am officially 16 and I may now commence to learn how to drive! As teen sometimes I just want to be treated like an adult and sometimes I may try to act like an adult. Most times I’m successful, but some times my true inner child comes out every time. I squeal like a little girl whenever I see anything with Hello Kitty on it, I know every word to every High School Musical song and I often times will pop in an old Disney movie and settle in for a long marathon. Some people might say, “Oh well, she has a younger sister so it makes sense.” But no, I’ll admit it, I’ll watch Cinderella all on my own and I have the Aladdin soundtrack on my iPod.

The thing is I used to care a lot about things like that, if you had asked me like 3 years ago whether or not I wanted a Mickey Mouse shirt, I would have scoffed and ran away. Now I race my younger sister into the Disney store whenever we pass by. A lot of people would call this immature or my refusal to grow up, but I beg to differ. No matter how old you are you still have that inner child in you. For some people it’s really strong and for some it might be a simple glow in their eyes when they see an old doll or action figure that they used to cherish. I’m telling you this because I’m asking you all to embrace your inner child, when the time comes. (It’s probably not ideal during a test or closing a business deal.)

When you’re outside in the snow, throw a snowball (at someone you know, don’t assault random people) and build a snow man (like Olaf from Frozen). When a song you like comes on, feel free to sing along or silently mouth the words and make funny faces.  I think that as we grow up we feel like we have to distance ourselves from all childish things. And as we put these things away we sort of close up a part of ourselves and leave behind all the fun in life. I think that we should just put away most things, because we have to let go in order to move on. But as long as we hold on to a few good things from our past and look on them occasionally, than that’s totally fine and an important part of growing up and a healthy part of our journey in this life!