Today is Christmas! I love Christmas, it's my favorite holiday. So today on this very special day I will tell you all about what Christmas means to me! I think that the true meaning of Christmas is different for everyone. Based on different people's experiences,  the significance of this day will be different for some. Although, in a few ways the essence of today is also the same for most of us. Over the years, Christmas has become every commercialized with all the fancy wrapped gifts and etc. While in some ways that is true, I think that the commercialization of the holiday has forced most of us to dig deeper to find the meaning of this day.

Much like how Cindy Lou did in, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", I've decided to try and find out what the holiday means to me. And after some long thought over the weeks leading up to this momentous day, I've reached the same conclusion. So in true Dr. Seuss fashion, here it is, in my own words.

"Under all the hubub of last minute Christmas gift shopping and the all the twinkling lights hanging from the tree, the most important things are those that are dear to me."
As I've summarized in this little word cloud that I've created below, the best part about Christmas is the people that you share the holiday with, regardless of their own religion or their relation to you. The best part about today is cooking the meals and baking the treats (or for some, choosing which restaurant to get take-out from). The real gift, is the feeling of pride that you have, after putting up the tree and being able to see the lights on the tree turn on for the first time. The real fun, comes from singing carols and trading stories with the family and maybe going out to build snowman, not from playing on your new game console or smartphone. So readers, I ask you, "What does Christmas or the holiday season in general, mean to you ?" On that note, go on and spend time with your loved ones! Go have fun and enjoy your holidays!

 I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!