Being kind, is probably one of the easiest things to do in the world and is probably one of the actions that people think about the least. I have mentioned before how important it is to unplug from the computer and go out actually interact with the real world, well I think the new modern technology centered world has big effect on everyone’s levels of kindness. Although we all claim to be connected with everyone 24/7, there is a huge disconnection with those closest to us. The streets are mostly quiet, except for the honking of the cars rushing by. The buses are even quieter because no one even dares to laugh or speak for fear of looking like a crazy person.  As a result, many people have become bitter and so accustomed to their small bubble that they easily forget to spread their kindness to everyone. 

It seems to me that nowadays, it’s as if it has been deemed ‘uncool’ to care, or to smile at people or to just say hello. Something that I think comes naturally to so many people is also something that is the least done. We get so caught up in so many other things, with our thoughts racing a mile a minute as we try to keep up with all the newest songs, trends and etc., that keeping up with who and what’s going on around us has taken a back seat. 

I, for one think that this needs to change. While I know that it’s definitely not in everyone’s nature to put themselves out there and say hello to everyone that they meet (it’s definitely not mine), I think that we should all make an effort. You don’t have to greet every passerby on the street, but at least begin with your neighbors (if you live in an apartment building, you’ll have plenty of practice). After all, what’s the worst that can happen? You can either make someone else’s day (and possibly your own), who will hopefully in turn make someone else’s or the person ignores you (which isn’t so bad, they probably weren’t very nice to begin with).

So go ahead, spread the love by spreading the kindness! Give someone a genuine compliment, speak good behind someone's back or just give someone you love a big hug! To get you in the spreading the kindness mood, watch as Kid President, does a countdown of 20 things we should say more often. (P.S. His first thing on the list probably the most wisest thing that I have heard from a 10 year-old boy so far.)

What is the kindest thing someone has ever done for you?