Christmas time is on its way and Channukah is upon us and because of this, what do we hear more of? (Hint: You probably heard it while grocery shopping.) It's music! As the holidays roll around, so does the comforting holiday jingles! Thanks to these cheerful tunes, people from all over smile a bit more. More often then ever people are being caught singing to themselves as they walk down the street! Who can blame them? As soon as I hear, my favourite holiday song start to play, I join in too! That's how I realized that, like food, music is a great way to bring people together! A good example of this is in the movie Elf, when they sing Santa Clause is Coming to Town, to get Santa's sleigh off the ground. First it starts off with one person and then it spreads like wildfire across New York and Christmas is saved! While that may not happen, when you and your friends and family members begin to sing. The fact that you're singing all together boosts morale and makes everyone cheerful.

After all, it is a well known fact that music is a universal language. I think it's because it's a language that we don't need actual words or movements to understand. Just listen to the rhythm and no matter what language it's in, you know whether or not it's meant to be happy or sad. This is a part of what makes it so important! You can listen to a song in a language that you don't know and still feel and react the same way as someone who does, like PSY's Gangam Style! Just one lyric can create ripples of emotion, regardless of where you come from. And that is a big part of what I love about music, whether I'm making it or not.

Another great thing about it, is the various forms of self-expression it produces. What does great tunes, plus people singing equal? Dancing of course, which eventually leads to singing. With the right tunes whether live or on the radio and a good handful of people willing to groove to the beat, you have got yourself the perfect combination of a dance. Dancing is something I love to do! It's fun, it's a calorie burner and it entertains others. This powerful combination of music and dancing, is a big part of who we are as people. Many cultures are full of different types of dances and various styles of music, that eventually spread into other ones. Which in turn, creates new mixes of these cultures, which means even more melodies and dances to share.

The bottom line is, that listening to songs or creating them or simply dancing to them is great. Sometimes it's the perfect pick me up when the winter blues roll around and sometimes it's just plain awesome, when you're at a party! The right song can lift everyones spirits and can be what makes a certain movie scene so captivating. Music, makes us laugh and it can make us cry, but the most important thing is that it makes us feel good. Which at the end of the holidays, is better than any gift that the your parents can buy or Santa's elves can make. So instead of being a Grinch or a Scrooge this holiday season, tune those guitar strings and warm up those vocal chords, and get ready to spread the love to all. After all a once great elf said,

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." 

(P.S. It works for everything else in life too!)

Click here to see a wonderful clip showing the evolution of music by Pentatonix.