As you can tell, I love writing. I also love reading, whether it's fiction or non-fiction, hand me a book and you'll soon find me flipping through the pages, totally unaware of everything else. I also love to read comic books and poetry too. Two years ago, while I was in grade 8 my homeroom and english teacher, introduced me to the world of spoken word poetry. We took a special solo class field trip, down to the TIFF Bell Lightbox, and watched the documentary, "Louder Than a Bomb". Which followed the stories of several high school teens in Chicago, as they go through school and compete in youth slam poetry competitions. Anywho, the stories were great and this the film made me love documentaries, because every poem's message resonated louder than anything heard before.

Most teens, don't like documentaries or non-fiction anything, so you have to understand how amazing this documentary was that everyone in my class loved it, and we still talk about it on occasion to this day. Looking back on it now, I think I know why the poems that the students wrote and preformed had such an impact on us, it was because it had so much heart. After watching, each individuals' life unfold before our very eyes and then listening to how they interpreted it themselves, was marvelous!

Over the years, I happen to watch a few slam poets on Youtube or currently on Vine, and what I love about each and everyone of them is that they speak the truth. And the truth, is something so rarely heard from the media and etc. that it feels great to know that someone is thinking the same thing as you and has decided to spread the word about it. They do this, not by lecturing you, or yelling or with a long book or movie. They simply, use a few hundred words, their mind, their voice and a whole lot of heart. All together they manage to create something so amazing and tell a tale or teach a lesson that lasts with you longer that any school course ever could.

So here is my introduction, to spoken word poetry and I hope that some of these poets messages have as much as a lasting effect on you as they have had on me.  And if not, I hope that they make you at least stop and think.

        ~ Mark Grist's "Girl Who Reads"

Is probably one of the most adorable poems I have read, and probably will make any girl feel good.

       ~ Suli Breaks "Why I Hate School but Not Education"

This will totally make you rethink everything about school and education.

       ~ Louder than a Bomb 

 This film is a part of the OWN documentary club too! (I love it, and not to mention how great the name is.)

       ~ This one poet that I found on Facebook

She totally speaks the truth about society and how the girls of today need to get it together.