There are over 6,000 languages in the world, this compared to the billions of people roaming the Earth, while still a huge number, when you think about it isn't that much. Over the years, many languages have died off, therefore there are probably thousands less than there were before. Which, I for one, think is very sad. Languages whether it's French, English or Xhosa, are very important. Knowing a common language with someone helps you to communicate and it can open doors to various opportunities, cultures and places that you've never dreamed of. That is why, I think that learning languages are so important.

I am currently fluent in two languages, French and English. However, I'm on a mission to understand, speak and write (properly), at least 5 other ones. While some of you may be asking yourself, "Why should I spend my free time, learning?" Well, here are my reasons why.

More Employment Opportunities and Advantages

Knowing an extra language or two, is especially beneficial in the workplace. Picture this, a client comes in and he or she is fluent in some foreign language, and your boss knows that he or she, can count on you to get the job done. This totally gives you an advantage over your colleagues and puts you on your boss' good side. Also, it's great if you are applying for a job or volunteer position.

Never the Tourist

Most countries have common languages other than English, such as French and Spanish, so if you go somewhere where they speak that language, you don't have to look that much like a tourist as you enjoy your vacation. You can walk down the streets and have a good idea of where you are going, because you can actually read the signs. Most importantly, you will probably be able to find the washroom on your own and the nearest food court.

Horizon Widening
Click here to see a world language break down

Knowing an extra language, can totally get you out of sticky situations. Also, it can help you to understand so many words or references in your mother tongue. For example, if you understand Latin or Greek, which are the origins of so many words (especially in English), it will help you to understand certain languages better and therefore make it easier for you to learn them and to enhance your vocabulary. Languages are also great for opening doors to new cultures, because once you have the language down, you can understand more easily why so and so is done a certain way.

Increased Mental Health 

Based on, knowing a second language can boost your memory, improve multi-tasking skills, stave off dementia and improve your attention.

Secret Codes

If you decide to learn a new language with a friend or learn one that someone close to you speaks, you could totally say whatever you want to him or her under almost any circumstance, and almost no one else will know what you've said. It's a full proof way, to stop eavesdroppers (unless they happen to know the language you are speaking as well).

Here are a few apps that I use on my phone to help me learn a few languages!

(They all have an Android and IOS app, also it's in the Google Chrome App store and you can access the website as well !)

MIT OpenCourseWare ( My dad showed me this one and it's truly fantastic. You can download free lectures from MIT that can help you learn almost anything at all, not only languages.)

My question to you is, after reading all of this, what languages would you like to learn?