I've always known that honey had great healing powers for your skin, but I had no idea how many more concotions using honey there were out there! It's a true superfood! I've learned that besides being able to spread it on toast or waffles, there's so many more things beauty and health-wise that it can do. I've mentioned before how it has antibacterial and anti-flammatorial properties that are great for your skin too! So here are a few new uses that I have found for wonderous honey!

Burn Healer

Basically, if you get a burn if you apply some honey and wrap it up. This keeps the skin soft and moist, ultimately reducing the pain. (Tip: Chilling beforehand works better!)

Coughs and Cold Fighter

I can tell you from experience that honey is great when you are sick. I've mentioned the antibacterial properties, which apparently help fight respiratory infections. Also, when you feel a cough coming on, or if you're reading this and you're already sick, make some  Green tea (which is also great for you) and add  honey and some ginger, to help get back in shape.

Cure for Allergies

It's great for people with seasonal allergies. All you have to do is eat maybe like a spoonful of honey every morning and it's said to help prevent symptoms and to avoid getting hay fever!

Wonderful Wound Helper

Well, since it's a great antiseptic and it heals burns, it also heals minor wounds as well! Is there anything honey can't do!

All I have to say is, thank you bees!