I was having my regular family movie night and was watching Confessions of a Shopaholic, when I was inspired by the following line to write this post.
"Cost and worth are two very different things"
In real life, just like when shopping, there is a difference between price and value (just like between quality vs quantity), that needs to be taken into account. Even though the concept seems so simple, it took me a while to fully grasp it. When I finally did manage to understand, in some ways life became a whole lot easier and saved me a lot of mishaps, that poor Rebecca Bloomwood still had left to face in the film.

If you watch the video below you will see as Becky's (a.k.a Rebecca) life begins to flip upside down, when she goes to buy a green scarf. Not having enough money left on her card, she heads to the nearest hot dog stand to try to get cash in exchange for a cheque. Although reluctant at first, the vendor soon warmed up to the idea as soon as she said that she was willing to buy all of the remaining hot dogs. Then just before, she could write the check the man next to her swooped in and handed her a twenty dollar bill. When she asks him why he just paid and extra twenty dollars for a hot dog and for someone he doesn't even know, he explains that cost and worth are two very different things. This ends up being a very big theme throughout the film as Rebecca, tries to figure out what in her life has more worth, her clothes or her loved ones.

So much like the difference between getting a pricey scarf that lasts you until the next fashion season, and a quality scarf the lasts until your grandkids have grandkids. There is a difference in finding value in sometimes taking the long path and learning a valuable lesson, rather then always taking shortcuts and possibly not always doing things the way they should be done. I feel that it's important to strive to find value of some sort in your own life. Whether, it's from having good friends or excelling in sports. Even if you can't create some on your own, you can always find some. I think that finding and ultimately creating feelings of worth in your life, all boils down finding people you love to surround yourself with or even a favourite plant, that adds a little bit of sunshine in your life. It can be as easy as sharing a laugh every once in a while with a total stranger or  preparing meals for your loved ones.

Whatever adds more merit  in your life, I think that it's something that you should continue to do, because I'm pretty sure that when you look back someday on all the things that you've done. Those memories will stand out the most and you can sleep well at night feeling great   awesome  grawesome. As much as I think that it's important to find and create worth in your life, I think it's crucial to try to be of worth to others. I've learned that having a bit of both, makes life more enjoyable and I believe that it helps you to enjoy the little things that don't seem like they would matter at all.