I love reading fashion magazines,like Seventeen, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Lou Lou, etc. They’re great when you’re too lazy to read a book and want something quick, almost like an adult picture book. I mostly enjoy reading them because I like, seeing all the season’s trends, finding deals and outfit ideas. And I think that the best part of the magazine is the section when they show how everyday people dress. I like how they show a side of fashion that’s all their own without necessarily following all the trends.

And that’s what I wanted to talk about today, fashion trends. I think that when it comes to clothes there is fashion and style. There are those of us who are fashionable and some of us who are stylish, (yes, there is a difference!) Being fashionable is usually when you have all the trendy clothes and wear the colour of the season, creating a nice yet sort of lifeless effect. Being stylish comes from within, meaning you'll wear orange when the It colour is pink. You'll wear things regardless of what the fashion magazines or the people around you wear or say, because you like it, and the effect is always brilliant! I've learned over the years and through trial and error, that being fashionable doesn't always necessarily mean being stylish.
A fun example of this is in the old cartoon, Madeline. In one episode, the girls are asked to be models in a fashion show however, all the clothing is made of cheese! One girl in particular, in order to be deemed fashionable, wears the label from head to toe. She and the other girls ultimately regret this idea, when their cheese garments begin to melt and stick under the Sun's rays. This example is a bit extreme, but it gives an example of the lengths that some people go through to keep up with the latest trends. Some people may not stop to think whether they actually like the clothing they're buying or wearing. Some don't even stop to think about whether it makes them feel good or how they look in it, they just put it on. Then they goes out into the world and get lost in the crowd.

However, there are few who stand out! I'm sure you've seen a few of them, either in the streets or in the bus, amongst all the black coats she has a pink one. Maybe you've seen her at school, amongst all the stick straight hair, hers is bouncy and curly. Or perhaps at the mall, she may be wearing the same coat as someone else but once she takes her coat off she shines amongst everyone else. These are the people with style, the kind of people who get stopped on the streets either for photographs or for the location of where she bought her purple polka dotted pants!

Now I'm not suggesting that you quit reading fashion magazines or to stop buying or to stop wearing an item that is trendy. On the contrary, flip through those magazines for inspiration and ideas! Go ahead and wear that jacket, just make sure that you like it because you actually like it! Buy it because it makes you feel good and feel good! After all, if it doesn't make you feel amazing when your wearing it, you could add the biggest, shiniest diamond ever and you still won't look amazing! Now go forth, and express yourself!