I’ve come to realize that the definition of healthy is different to many different people. There’s society’s idea of healthy, which is model thin with a very low body percentage. Then there’s your own idea of what is healthy. For some people, it’s having more muscles than curves and for others it  might be having more curves than muscles. However, I think that it’s important to choose a body role model or ideal body that is right for you.

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For example, if you are big boned then maybe you should aim to be healthy and toned. Instead of trying to become a size 0 and look like most runway models, because in the end, no matter how much you exercise you'll never be able to fit into that specific body shape. Think about it, Marilyn Monroe  most likely couldn't (and wouldn't look as good)  fit into the clothes Audrey Hepburn wore and vice versa. Despite their different body shapes and personalities, the world loved them both just the way they were.

As a teenager, I know that many girls my age often look up to those around them, on the streets and in magazines for inspiration and tips. So, while I think that it's better and try, to follow my own path, I admit that I occasionally to others every once and a while for help. So, when it comes to looking for a sort of "body role model", I think that it’s maybe better to find a celebrity or someone you look up to, who seems to have the same shape as you. This way, if you do find yourself in need of a burst of body inspiration and motivation,  the healthier you that you want to be is someone more attainable. Also that way, you won’t keep pushing yourself to become an entirely different person. In the end, being super skinny isn’t equivalent to being super healthy, in fact sometimes it can be the exact opposite.

5lbs fat vs. 5lbs muscle (Found on Healthcurvyfitgirl.tumblr.com)
5lbs of Fat vs. 5lbs of Muscle
(From Healthycurvyfitgirl.tumblr.com)
I've also noticed that most people think that to be healthy also means that you have low number on a scale, but a while back I read an article where they explained the difference between weight loss and fat loss. Basically, I learned that you can take two people of the same height but one is muscled and the other is not at all and they can weigh the same amount. This plays in the factor that muscle weighs more than fat. So this also means, that your health or being healthy isn’t limited to just a umber on the scale or the size of your jeans. It’s mostly how you feel and what your body allows to do and how long you are able to do it.

If you feel great instead of sick, than you are healthy. If you have tons of energy instead of being sluggish and lethargic, than you are probably healthy. If you can’t go up your stairs without being winded (unless it’s like 30 flights of them) then maybe you’re not so healthy, but in the end your decision to take action to become healthier is entirely up to you. People shouldn’t lose weight because their boyfriend told them to or to get a certain job, because in the end it’s your body, not theirs . It’s your life, not theirs and you should do what feels best for you.

From Healthy is the New Skinny