The environment is something that is important to me, we all call Earth home and so we may as well take good care of it and it’s other inhabitants, as long as we are here. So, next week I will be volunteering at an event, all about the environment and other social issues and I’m so excited to be taking part! It’s great to know that so many other people around my age are getting involved and are interested in taking care of our Earth and they are inspiring change in the way we treat it! I realized that this is what's so great about being alive in the 21st century because so many things are changing and people (especially youth) are realizing that you don’t have to wait to be a university graduate to make a difference or follow your dream. If you have an idea, passion and the drive, you can do and be anything that you want to do!

Some youth are going above and beyond and making the first day of the rest of their life today and their motivation is contagious! There are tweens and teenagers with start-up businesses! There are tons of youth that have decided that they want to be the boss. There are children that have decided that they want to get a head start in making a difference in the world! As a young person myself, it’s great inspiration for me and it’s a good reminder to always remember that, “I CAN do anything I set my mind to!”

The event is called Beyond Green, which is a partner with Earth Day Canada and Ecomentors. Beyond Green is the name of the first annual youth Ecomentors environment summit! At the summit, young environment enthusiasts from the ages of 14-30 will get together over the weekend and listen to a bunch different motivational speakers and take part in over 100 different workshops! The topics range from Health and Society to Food and Agriculture and the speakers range from musicians to filmakers to engineers! Some speakers are young Emily Hunter (daughter of the late Robert Hunter who was the first president of Greenpeace), the Peabody Award winner and radio broadcaster Majora Carter, the Water Brothers and many more. This is the first year that this event is taking place and it’s sure to be a hit! The event is next week, but tickets are still available and they’re going fast!

For more information check out the Beyond Green website, for ticket information, how to get the app and more!

Not sure if Beyond Green is for you? Click here for a cool infographic.