I'm an avid Pinterest and Instagram user and I follow a ton of accounts, geared towards inspirational quotes and quotes in general, and once of the phrases that really caught my eye and seemed to be reappearing a lot was about finding beauty in the worst of things or the worst of days. For example the rain, the rain itself isn't bad (unless maybe if you have an outdoor wedding or something like that), but the rain usually makes most people feel a bit grey and moody. However, one of the quotes said to try and find beauty in the rain. So instead of shaking a fist up at the grey clouds rolling in, try to welcome them.

It has been quite a rainy beginning of Autumn over here and I decided to put my new found advice to use. It wasn't easy though, at first I woke up, opened my windows and thought, "Ugh, today is going to suck!" Then that whole day, I was a bit moody and cranky myself. So first time I tried to look forward to the rain, after checking the forecast for the next day I was eager to go in for a second round. This time I changed my mentality and put on my favourite scarf to brighten the day a bit and headed out. As I walked towards my school, instead of staring deadpan into the rain drops ahead of me, I tried to scout out all the good things about rain. I even made a list:
1. It makes all the colors of the fallen leaves, trees etc. richer.

2. It cleanses away all the dirt and clears up the streets.

3. The Sun looks really pretty coming out of the grey clouds.

4. I get to use my zebra print umbrella and my pink raincoat!

5. It refreshes all the plants.

6. Without water there is no life and I'm happy to be alive.

7. The raindrops look very pretty on the window.

8. You can always have a blast singing and dancing in the rain (For example, in Step Up 2: The Streets (the last dance scene) and the movie Singin' in the Rain).

9. I might witness a double rainbow and find my pot of gold!

10. If it rains when it's cold enough, it'll turn into ice to slide and skate upon! (I love to skate)

Basically, what I'm trying say is to try and find all the good in the less than good situations. For example, if you really dislike Autumn and your a total Summer guy or gal. Well, just think about all the Holidays coming up soon and how artsy everything looks in the Fall season! Let's say, you're stuck babysitting your younger siblings when there's some party going on that all your friends are going to. Instead of moping around, take hold of the situation and turn the night around. Bake cookies and have a Disney movie marathon, just because you couldn't do one fun thing doesn't mean that everything else has to be absolutely boring! In the end, it's all up to you.