One the best quotes I've ever heard and always remember comes from one of my favorite Disney television shows, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Although that that episode a while ago and when I was pretty young, for some reason it stuck with me after all these years.

"If you can conceive, you can achieve and then you'll be the pilot of your own life!"

It comes from the first season when one of the main characters, Cody Martin goes to a seminar and decides to become a motivational speaker, by repeating what he's learned to the various characters in the episode. When I was younger, I used to repeat the line as a joke and laugh at all the trouble Cody had caused everyone. (The bellhop Esteban actually thought that he meant that he had to become a pilot and the two friends Maddie and London Tipton, ended up fighting for a spot on a magazine cover.) However, as I grew up and kept watching the re-runs of the episode, I was finally able to see the truth in Cody's words.

Think about it? How many times have we woken up feeling pretty low and then decided that the rest of the day would be bad too? Then what happened in the end, it most probably ended up pretty bad. But, when you wake up feeling good and think to yourself, "Today is going to be the best!", something good tends to happen. In the end, it's all up to you! For example, after being motivated by Cody, those who chose to listen, ended up doing things that they never imagined they would do. Like Esteban who ended up going to pilot school. Some of them decided to pursue opportunities that they never could have dreamed of, like how Maddie decided to take action and make sure she ended up on the cover of that popular teen magazine.

In the end, what I’ve learned thanks to this episode, advice, some quotes and experience I’ve realised that whatever happens in life is all up to you. When it all comes down to it, how your day, your year or even your life, plays out is all up to you, whether it’s good or bad. If you truly put your mind to it, you can be the pilot of your own life. If you have a dream, I say go for it! Just make sure that no one ever comes to distract you or throw you off your path towards your goals, especially yourself. If you sit around, not thinking that anything good will ever happen to you, how can you ever expect for anything good to happen to you, when you’re only thinking about bad things? So remain positive and stay on track and if you ever waiver, remember Cody's words of wisdom and be the Pilot of your own life.