I read once that in your teenage years, (especially for girls), you gain around 20lbs. Which when I think about it now, isn’t very hard to understand. Between puberty, stress and hormones racing all at once, I can totally see how those pounds can add up. As a fellow teen, I know that weight (mostly if you don’t fit the ideal one) no thanks to the media and etc. can be a leading factor for low self-esteem. Then this may start a whole cycle of low confidence and cause a negative self-body image.

 Research done by the Canadian Women’s Foundation shows that negative body image makes girls less likely to join into physical activities and only 11% of girls aged 16-17 are physically active enough to benefit their health. This basically means, that there is a large chunk of teens who are not getting active and becoming healthy, because of how they view their body. Fortunately, I’m here to tell you that it’s time to get up and move.

It’s important to move and get active, not only for how your body will looks now, but for how you will look and what you will be able to do in the long run. Think about it, whatever you do or do not do now, whether it’s getting a better education or working out, will impact you  in some way in the future. Exercising, whether it’s rock climbing, martial arts or just walking, has many benefits and most importantly, it makes you feel good. I also know from experience, that getting active boosts up your energy in the day, helps you sleep faster and overall, makes you feel more positive about yourself, others and things around you. I think that it’s important that for however you decide to get in shape, you remember three things.

1. Make sure it’s fun.

Choose an activity, that you actually want to do. If you prefer team sport, rather to working out at the gym. Do not, waste your money getting a membership if you know from the get- go that you will never set foot there again. If you’re not great at team sports but love dancing, join a dance class or better yet, create a dance club at school and inspire others to get active.

2. Do it at your own pace.

If you push yourself to hard, two things may happen. Firstly, you may get hurt, which would stall your efforts of getting up and moving. Secondly, if it’s too hard and you’re not enjoying yourself, it becomes a chore. Then if it becomes something you have to do, not something you want to do, you’re probably not going to do it anymore.

3. Keep it up!

Some more research done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says how in 2011, 41% of 9th-grade students but only 24% of 12th-grade students attended physical education class daily. This kind of demonstrates, how as we get older, we tend to not get as much physical activity in as we should. I mean think about it, that’s how some people gain the dreaded Freshman 15, when they start college.