I saw this sign when at strawberry farm,
 my family and I couldn't stop laughing
Words have power, probably a lot more than people know. Words can unlock doors, open worlds, close deals, and create stories, the possibilities are endless. Even from the start when you were a baby you learn the power of words. With your first word as an infant you are suddenly the most important and interesting in the world. No matter what the word may have been, “Mama, Papa, Milk, Cheese, Monkey, Yes or No”, the loved ones around you were instantly mesmerized by you. Though one word can do so a lot, much more is done once the words are put together. With a word or two you can instantly have a hold on someone. 

Since words are a such an important tool in our everyday life, it’s important to learn to use them properly. A lot of teens, including myself have fallen a victim of sometimes using text talk. (For those who don’t know, it’s basically whatever language you speak but with a lot of letters substituted with numbers and grammar mistakes.)  Now the problem isn’t using text talk while texting (it’s faster),  it’s using it all day while not on your cellphone in everyday life. I don’t mean how some people literally say, “LOL, that was so funny!” or the infamous, “YOLO!” I mean how I’ve seen some teens (including myself), have stopped using the right words for certain things.

Like I mentioned earlier, using text talk is faster but while communicating with others throughout the day, it won’t get you anywhere very quickly at all. For example, I sometimes use the word, “Thing” for just about everything. I wasn’t aware of it until, my father and then my mother began to point it out to me. I would be talking and they would be  like, “What thing are you talking about?” So then I’d have to re-explain myself and find the correct word. And it wasn’t until, I realised how it was almost a bit of a struggle to find the precise word for what I meant, that I realised what had happened. Also, that I needed to take action and it made me realise how important it is to be able to express yourself properly.

Firstly, because if I had used the right word, I wouldn’t have had to re-explain. Secondly, because not everyone you meet will have the patience to put up with your explanation. Think of it like when you’re telling a joke but it’s so funny every time you open your mouth you keep laughing. So you try unsuccessfully to tell your friends the joke and one of two things can happen. Either they laugh along with  you and wait patiently for you to continue, or they kind of awkwardly stare at you and move on. While the former is more likely to happen among friends, that latter is what might happen with strangers. So to avoid the confusion and he potential embarrassment, I think we should all try to properly use our words.