The beginning of school for most of us is almost upon us and that means that most of us can’t sleep until noon and stay up until 4 am. For me and most teens, school takes up a large portion of our everyday life,  in between balancing school, hanging with friends and maybe a part time job. It can be hard for some of us to find time to do all the tasks we wish to do along with fulfilling our responsibilities like homework or chores. So this week’s post is all about Time Management, here are a few tips that have worked for me over the years to help me stay on top of things and not get too swamped.

1. Make a rough schedule.

I suggest to take time now before school starts (or if it has already started then whenever you can find a moment), to try and figure out what part of your life that you spend the most time in. Then you can kind of see where and when you can do some things so that you can use all your time wisely. For example, maybe it takes you an hour to do your homework and two hours to cook dinner, so you still have a few more hours to watch Glee or something, go for a run and go on Facebook.

2. Adjust time accordingly to fit in time for yourself.

I find that quite a few of people, end up putting so much attention and time into all their school or work life, that they start to neglect those around them and most importantly themselves. So, I think that it’s important to strike a balance between work and play (or pamper time), so that you don’t get to wound up or so you don’t end up falling behind in your school work. (Which as some of us know, usually ends up putting us on our parents bad side.)

After all, the whole point of creating this plan is to help you be little bit less stressed once the school year begins again. For example, maybe every Monday or every other one can be you and your buds Froyo Day! It’s a great way to have fun, eat frozen yogurt treats, hang with friends and brighten up the usually dreaded Mondays. Or maybe after you get back from work you can find a time to just sit somewhere quiet for an hour and just relax, before starting your homework.

3. Stick to the plan.

Or at least try to, after all not everything goes as planned. So, don’t stress if maybe you have to rush  or you can’t do one task that day. Find a way to incorporate it into another day that week and if you just can’t find the time, don’t sweat it! Just place a reminder and do it when you feel that you are able to. 

Time is like money, the more you spend the less you have. Spend it wisely.
-Dan Caleca