Generally, when I hear the word vacation they automatically think Summer!  And while that’s true, summer isn’t the only time that we can vacation. For kids and teachers, it’s probably the longest period of vacation time but that doesn’t mean that we can’t find time to relax throughout the year. However, it is summer time now and I realize that not many people are able to keep themselves busy and everyone ends up bored and cranky.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of vacation is “a respite or a time of respite from something: Intermission.”  So, technically any time spent  doing something you love can be counted as a vacation, just another version of it. So let’s say maybe you don’t have a chance to jet off somewhere exotic and warm or cold and do some cool thing like swimming with the dolphins or sitting on the ice with some penguins. However, you can find fun simple things to do around your area of town and actually have a good time instead of spending perfectly good time on the couch.
1.Take a look at your interests.

If you like swimming, how about you plan a family/friend outing to the beach. Maybe you like video games, why not try to find an arcade and play some old games. Don’t forget to mix it up too, get original! If you like fashion and adventure, go around town and check out the small boutiques with some friends. If you like travelling but can’t travel, go around to all the little countries in town. Be a mini globetrotter and stop by Little Italy, Koreatown and Chinatown and take pictures and make an album dedicated to your “travels".

2. Plan it out.
Make sure to let your parents know where you are going, how they can reach you and what you are doing, so you don’t end up grounded (it tends to ruin any fun that can happen during vacation time.) Then plan ahead, call everyone you need to call and get all your money in place, to minimize any confusion and ruined excitement

3. Execute and have fun.
On the day of the event, just remember to have fun. I hope this helps, and if next year you really do want to travel, try to create a plan beforehand with your parents. Or, if you’re old enough, organize a group trip with some friends. In the meantime, just sit back and imagine what your dream destination will be like once you get there and take the initiative, to learn as much as you can about the country or city.  For example, I absolutely love Paris, France. I’ve been there a few times already but always want to go back. So, when I’m back here in Canada and feeling anxious about the day when I get to go back, I watch an old French movie and remember this quote.