Out the many hardships in life, being yourself is probably the easiest thing you can do. It’s also the most liberating and free things, as well. Think about it, in every book or movie where the main character (usually a girl) changes herself to try and fir in with the “populars”, she ends up reregretting it.  The best example probably is of the hit 2004 movie, “Mean Girls”.  What started off as a joke to get into the Plastics (the popular crowd) ended up with Cady Heron (the main character) forgetting who she was and treating her true friends badly.
Sadly, a lot of people forget to be themselves in order to get lost in the crowd. Now a day, most teenagers are afraid to stand out. If you just take a look in your school halls you’ll see how much people look or try to look exactly the same. From hair to clothes to shoes to phones, some of us are becoming pretty uniform, and I can’t help but think where is the fun in that?

I think it’s important to be who you are, regardless of what others think, because I know from experience that if you stick to your idea and be true to yourself, people will appreciate it. People will eventually learn to accept you as you are, and if they don’t,  then know that that is just a few people who weren’t meant to be in your life and if they had been, you probably wouldn’t have been happy anyway.