I was watching the movie Chasing Mavericks and at one point in the film the main character Jay Moriarty, is scared by a shark swimming by him as they are scuba diving. Then once out of the water his mentor explains to him the truth about fear. He says to him, "Don't confuse fear with panic. You panic, you die." Fear isn't bad, in fact it's healthy. It is the panic that we sometimes allow ourselves to feel when we are afraid that is truly dangerous. Psychology Today describes fear as a vital response to physical and emotional danger or in simpler terms, an important part of being human. Without fears, we wouldn't have any internal warning bell to let us know when there is actual danger around us to be aware of. Despite this being an important part of life, I've come to realise how many people choose to ignore their fears instead of just facing them.

I think that no matter how scared you are, you have to face your fears or at least do something to work towards getting over them. Whether it's a simple fear, like someone telling their crush how they feel or complex, like death. Whether it's something small, like spiders or big, like heights, I feel like you need to confront them. When you don't confront your fears or at least even acknowledge them, you allow the fear to build inside you and it gets to a point where you are terrified. In the long run, this can lead to panic which as we all know now, is dangerous.

For example, I am  afraid of heights but I've learned to love roller coasters. However, I didn't used to like them, when I was younger I would cry at  the thought of being that high off the ground. Today, I am going with my friends to Canada's Wonderland (a big amusement park) and I am going to go on all the big, scary rides. While yes, I know that once I get to the top of the first hill I will probably still be a bit scared but I know that it's the type of fear that I can handle. And I know this because with the help of roller coasters, I managed to face my fear of heights. On my very first ride, I had my friends and family around to cheer me on and I knew that I would be having fun. So, holding on to my friends hands as we got strapped in, I faced my fears and came out the winner.

What I am trying to say is that some people let their fears take over their lives, which in turn stops them from doing fun things with others. I think that we should all try to live our lives to the fullest and that if there is an obstacle that is stopping us from doing that, we should try our hardest in anyway possible (or in anyway we feel comfortable) to try and move on past that. So don't let your fears cause you to sit back and let life pass you by because...

Life is too short to wait.