Confidence is not something that you are born with, it is learned and then earned. To be confident, you have to believe in yourself, love yourself and understand yourself. When you believe in yourself, no one can ever make you doubt yourself. I've learned that doubt is what kills dreams and your confidence. When your doubt yourself every time that you have a fantastic idea that could be a success, you think that you can't do it and stay quiet. Now by doing this, you close the opportunity that just came knocking at your door, by listening to that little voice of doubt and lies inside your head, you end missing the chance to head down some new adventurous path. This is why confidence is so important, because when you are sure of yourself and think that only the best can happen to you. Only the best will happen to you, because you took the chance to follow your dream or voice your opinion. Thanks to confidence, you can seize that golden opportunity and experience wonderful things.

Being confident is also important because when you love yourself, you can love others without questioning their motives for loving you. This in turn, helps you to forge better relationships and to make new ones. Thanks to confidence, when a negative thought or something mean was said about you or to you, you can deal with it without it eating you inside and wearing away at whatever reserve of self-esteem that you may have.